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Thursday, February 15, 2007

adobe reader for mac

for copying text from pdf, preview just doesn't seem to cut it; for instance if you want to copy text in one column, from a two-column text presentation, you are forced to copy text in the adjacent column as well... it does not maintain formatting; generally just a pain; on the other hand, out of the box, it provides the ability to annotate documents, which seems to be a feature in adobe reader pro or s'thing like that.

anyway, i downloaded and installed adobe reader 8 finally last week (which is software i really didn't like for various reasons when I had a windows box), and i was actually quite surprised what a good user experience firing it up was. it starts in a breeze, looks cleaner and copying and such are better implemented. i think search is better implemented in preview though, and i still miss being able to annotate documents; as much as i like that, it's a feature i expect in a base package.

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Vanessa Carpenter said...

Thank you, I thought I was the only person having this dual column copying issue. I'm writing my thesis and copying quotes constantly and having to edit out all the crap that comes with my quote... installing adobe reader now.