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Thursday, November 30, 2006

flash @ the javaposse

James Ward at Adobe wrote to the JavaPosse (on episode 95, towards the end) to clear up a few things related to the tamarin announcement and it's timing with Java going the GPL route that came up in the previous edition; i called bs on javaposse, btw.

Anyways, Dick and the rest of the guys there generally feel like I do--that there really is a drive to get current versions of the player on linux in time (which gets it into the hands of developers who haven't really cared about it in the past) and that it allows for some really slick stuff to be built.

They mentioned that they might try to get James on there for a chat about flash, as an alternative *thick* client platform; I thought that is interesting; I'm sure hope Adobe will follow up on this... it doesn't get as easy as this to hit some core audience :)

-- eokyere :)

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