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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


in flash circles, this is probably old news, and will likely be the nail in the coffin of the flash/ajax debate.

From the mozilla page:
The Tamarin virtual machine currently implements the ECMAScript 3rd edition language standard that is the basis for JavaScript, Adobe ActionScript, and Microsoft Jscript, plus some of the new language features proposed in the ECMAScript 4th edition specification. By working on an open source implementation of ES4 with the community, Adobe and Mozilla hope to accelerate the adoption of a standard language for creating engaging Web applications. We hope the Tamarin project accelerates the ability of developers to create and deliver richer, more interactive experiences that work across multiple platforms.

go over to jd's blogpost for a roundup on the conversation on this so far.

if you know flash-related stuff, your skill set just got cemented for a lot more years to come (more on this later)

-- eokyere :)


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