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Friday, October 27, 2006

familiar software experiences

i'm what you could probably call a keyboard nut; probably for the same reason people get used to vi and then can't ever get used to any other editor. i'm not in that circle though... for practical reasons, i'd pick an ide over vi any day, but i digress

anyway, i'm doing some writing stuff in neooffice (openoffice) and one of the things I like to do in eclipse is select a bunch of text and use Alt + cursor (up/down) to move them around. [when using this with the jdt, you actually get code formating as a bonus too :)]

out of habit, I tried that on NO/OOo and it didn't work. i thought for a second that NO probably had the feature and so went asearching... playing around with various keyboard combinations... I found a few things... and yup, NO has that baby locked down too.

On the mac, its Cmd + cursor (up/down) to move text around.


-- eokyere :)

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