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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the mbp club

most of the posts on this blog will be made on my trusty new (for about 4 months now) friend, charybdis; it's an mbp, that as of this posts spots OS X 10.4, instances of fedora core 4 and windows xp sp2 (over parallels). the first time someone asked me how i felt about her, i said she was graceful--that hasn't changed in 4 months.

i run smultron as my basic development editor (vim for purely text stuff), have instances of Callisto (and Europa), Netbeans (5b2, 6m3), Xcode and ANTLRWorks for dev stuff; Callisto finds more use most of the time though. looking forward to adding an adobe (or whoever creates one's) flex ide (for mac) to that list

my fc4 install, forms my basic 'remote' test environment (with tomcat 5.5.17, postgresql 8.0x among others for a current project), and will continue to play this role with added software as and when I need a linux test deployment target.

windows is on there for a few random stuff i still haven't found mac/linux equivalents for, as well as for adobe software i'm either testing out or still using; i might strip out most of the unnecessary stuff over time, and use it as a target for any .net /winfx stuff i decide to dabble in, in the future.

for writing and word processing stuff, as well as the planning that leads to them, I have neooffice, freemind, and omnioutliner.

a couple of other random code running around here include colloquy (irc), skype b2/msn messenger 6, democracy (i'net tv), firefox 2rc2, iterm (and terminal), the google stuff for mac (, keynote etc

you've been introduced to my trusty mbp; joined the club yet? how is it helping u do what u do?

-- eokyere :)


Flashcoder said...

yep, I'm in. My MBP contimues to impress me and allow me the safe transition to Mac from PC. I don't intend to leave the PC behind as I use it for lots of things still, from software I have already invested in to FMS server (PC only). With Parallels installed and both operating systems (OSX and XO Pro) working as fast as if they were running standalone, it also gives me a client/server and test environment all on one beautiful, powerful laptop. The PC Laptop is dead, long live the MacTop.

eokyere said...

the pc laptop is indeed dead; at least for me.

fms server runs on linux too (although officially for rhe4 only, I believe).

i followed up on a thread once to try to get it up and running on my kubuntu install here, but gave after a while. plus there's red5 to play around with anyway.

still, the mbp, like you, continues to impress me. i accidentally hit the shift key and did the whole f9/f10/f11 thing, and almost jumped out of my seat with the whole slow-mo thing. f'ing brilliant! guess there's more to discover on this baby :)

-- eokyere :)