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Thursday, October 19, 2006

tux: we've been ria wora'ed ;P

joining the earlier birds in announcing to the world the availability of player 9 for the tux family... in that screenshot, running happily on lampetia, fc4 over parallels in firefox 1.0.8 :)

tinic uro, over at his blog, is really happy about the performance of this release. He metions this is the fastest gnu/linux version they've ever released, and that "in some cases the GNU/Linux version is up to 20% faster on the same hardware compared to the Windows 32bit version." It looks like tuxland finally found first-class citizenship in Adobe land--at least with the flash platform.

while there are still problems with the current release that the Adobe engineers have to look at, as tinic notes, it should be interesting to see if releases from here on follow more of a parallel pattern.

Developers sure would love that; all the features you've been coding to for the mac and win boxen, will now be free to run on all the gnu/linux flavors out there. A hat tip; a raised glass to the Tinic, Mike and the rest of the unsung heroes on this release.

go grab it here

-- eokyere :)

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